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Six different views about Leonardo's

This has got to be one of my number one pet peeves when eating in a restaurant. Being charged for something that I never drank or ate. BUT what if you were charged FIVE times for an item that was NOT even available? GRRRRRRRRRR!

The Diner's Club went out on its regular monthly meet at Leonardo's....a very cozy place in Lahug. The ambiance was pretty nice....the place was really cozy....we were the only ones there too so I really liked the fact that we could bahakhak all we wanted without worrying about other diners.

The menu choices were not impressive....very little entrees to pick from.....and there was just ONE pasta dish available... lasagna...which was 185p per order. Considering that Anton and I already had a bit to eat at 6pm (we got to Leonardo's around 8pm)....the lasagna was enough for the two of us...and thank God it was yummy. Dear gawd! At the price it better be!

Everyone I guess was satisfied with their food. I heard no complaints...and you should hear us complain...but tonight...the okay-okay food was overshadowed by the good company (right, KE?).

What really got me and the other ladies riled up was that when it was time for the showed that we were due 1900+ total for all the food and drinks of the 8 diners. When Addicted2 started passing out the change...she realized that the money was not enough. And so we had to re-compute. It was found out that we were charged not just for one...not even two... but FIVE four season cans when all the while....THERE WAS NO FOUR SEASONS AVAILABLE! they made a mistake....(if it really was a mistake to charge us for something unavailable) but what got my goat was that the cashier (his name is ERWIN) left us! My gulay! He left us because he figured that his job was done! WHY IN HEAVEN'S NAME WOULD I ASK FOR THE RECEIPTS AGAIN IF THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG?

After discovering what was the problem with the bill....the next problem was...where will we ask for the P247.50 that was DUE us? The waiters were gone...the bone-head cashier was gone...and all that was left was this Wendell dude that was just the katiwala and the security guard.

NAKAKAINIS! NAKAKAPUNDI! What kind of management do you have there in Leonardo's, Mr. Jojo Lapisan ?

KAYA...whoever is reading this..... I will not say DO NOT eat there...masarap ang lasagna....PERO...bantayan nyo tawn ang bill ninyo....kay basin charge-an kayo nung steak nila na tag-700 kapin tapos di nyo na mamalayan.

As for me...I do not think I will go back there again. - review by d'monyita

Leonardo's Never Again! by Pnoize

It was that time of the month when members of the Diner's Club gathered to appreciate and experience another resto. Did I say "appreciate"? well, we did experience something....something dreadful!

Ok, so wifey and I were the first to arrive to Leonardo's and I immediately noticed how the ambience reminded me of a vacation lodge. Wood on almost everything and dimly lit, almost Baguio-ish, except more remote since NO ONE WAS THERE. A definite change from the usual restaurants the the Diner's Club usually goes to.

The menu mainly consisted of sausages, 2 or 3 choices of steaks, a good number of appetizers, 2 pasta dishes...very limited choices that actually fit in a 2-page menu. We ordered Sauteed Mushrooms and Nachos for Appetizer, Salisbury Steak to fill us and canned pine-orange and an ice tea to quench our thirst.

Soon enough the rest of the gang came and gave their orders to the bored-looking waiters.

When the plate of Nachos was set on the table, I was immediately turned off. A few pieces of Doritos (Cheese flavor) with a chili con carne topping. I hate Doritos Cheese Flavor! And please, for the amount we paid for the Nachos (Php 90.00) I could've bought a bag of Doritos BBQ flavor, sat home and watched my favorite show on the tellie!

What about the sauteed mushrooms you say? It can definitely use more garlic and how hard is it to open a can, sautee the mushrooms in olive oil. And they failed doing so. Enough Said.

The Salisbury steak, placed on a sizzling plate (which did not even sizzle), was bland. The gravy was cold.

To top it off, when the ladies started computing the damages, I noticed that everyone, including the kitchen staff was in the dining area and ready to go. So the bill was paid and when the change came back a brouhaha about 5 orders of 4 seasons (read d'monyita's review) were mistakenly put in our bill. By the time we all realized what had happened, EVERYBODY WAS GONE! we realized that we were alone in the restaurant. No manager, No waiters, no kitchen staff and no cashier!!! WTF?! One of us had to go outside, call security to ask who to talk to we were introduced to this guy wearing sleeveless shirt and shorts who apparently was a "katiwala".

In ALL the restaurants that I've been to, before the kitchen even closes, customers are asked for their "Last Call" orders AND THE STAFF WAS NOT TO LEAVE THE RESTO IF CUSTOMERS ARE STILL AROUND! And here we were left with a bill problem talking to a grumpy and tired looking security guard and the red shirt "katiwala".

Bad Food, Bad Service.

Rating: -10 / 5

Nightmare @ Leonardo's - my own review of the place

I know the title is quite a bit harsh. Honestly...what we went through WAS!!!. Reaching the place needs a private vehicle or a taxi, it is a bit secluded. If you don't know the way, you will surely get lost. Upon reaching the place a sign that says "NO SANDOS, SLIPPERS, SHORTS ALLOWED" greeted us, which made me think -this place must be "SOSY". I was impressed(music, interiors - it seemed like everything was perfect....sad to say it was only up to that point...then the rest fell out of expectation), it was exclusive - we were the only diners for the night. We joined pnoize and addicted2 and asked for the menu. As what is written above, the menu was limited - not a lot to choose from. I got the chili con carne which I heard was good. Beor got the chicken in a basket and the mushrooms. Then the rest of the diner's started arriving and also placed their orders.

Verdict on the food - I found my chili con satisfactory (it is not spicy, i would have wanted it to have more zing). The chicken was bland. The mushroom, I'd go to kahayag anytime and have a more decent mushroom if kahayag was still in business. We wondered why no one asked us if we wanted our bill, we had to ask for it. The bill was dissected and each and every one of us gave our share of the tab. Even though how many times we computed for the total, it just won't add up. Mommy d' asked for the order slips and we compared it with the final tab and the menu, 5 drinks were charged - drinks that were out of stock as what the waiters said - were billed to us. 5 x P45 + 10% is almost P250, way too much of an overcharge as I may say so. They must not have expected us to go over the bill. Unsaon na lang kaha kung daghan ug tao and mao na pirmi ang mahitabo(and diners not reviewing their bill), they must be making a lot of money out of that overcharging. But if the diners happen to check on the bill then good for the diners. 1 more thing that really irked me was that NO ONE came to us and informed us that they will be closing, they all just vanished and left the guard and the caretaker to answer to our complaints and questions. NO MANAGER, NO OWNER to answer up to us. The guard was also a bit arrogant "unsaon ta man na, nanguli na man sila. balik lang mo ugma." is that the right thing to answer to peeved diners?! Paging MR. OWNER please teach the staff courtesy and proper customer service.

This is one place i DON'T want to go back to AGAIN!
food - 2/5
place - a bit secluded 1/5
ambiance - 3/5 cozy but they turned off the air conditioning system while we were still there and not informing us, we just wondered why the temperature suddenly became too warm.
customer service - the waiters were prompt in delivering our orders though and were kind enough to tell us which items are not available. but no one was there to help us out when we were settling our bill. -100/5

total = nightmare!!! horrible experience. would not want to be in that kind of situation ever.

The tale of 5 Four Seasons and Four Seasoned (female) Diners by Beor

As you have read on the previous posts of our dear diners, we obviously didn't have the time of our lives. To spare you from the boredom, I'll make this short and simple (I wish!).

As we arrived at the destined place called "Leonardo's". We were greeted with a sense of class and exclusivity. I said to myself, "I should have worn a better outfit.". At the entrance stands a sign that says "People who can't afford anything decent is not allowed."... well it did not really say that but that's what it meant anyway. So in we went and the first thing that came into my mind was "Wow, this is a neat place!". The music, the ambiance, and the mood was perfect for a romantic dinner with friends and loved ones. Everything was perfect... up to that point at least.

Moving forward and with everything set to be perfect, we decided to place our orders. Glancing through their menu, I spot a few dishes that I could have liked. Unfortunately, these were not available so I went for the tried and tested "Chicken in a Basket". If I can fry, I'm sure these guys can do better (with the amount they were charging, they better be). That being said, I ordered one and added "extra egg - well done".

A few minutes passed and our meals are served. First thing I noticed was my "not so well done" egg... not only that, it was pretty obvious that recycled oil was used! I said, oh well, our mushrooms on a hotplate is here... so I pushed the mushrooms to one side and "finished" cooking my egg on the other. Brilliant! As my egg gets done a little bit more, I started to set my sight on my all time favorite food, chicken.

As I stabbed it through all its tender glory... I imagined myself in a blissful state as I partook it. Lo and behold, the moment it touched my mouth, the world seemed to have ended and disappointment has drowned all the excitement. IT WAS SO BLAND THAT A 20 PESO SLICE AT OUR "SUKI" AT THE NEARBY PUNGKO-PUNGKO WOULD SEEM TO TASTE LIKE A MILLION DOLLAR DISH... at least the mushrooms were almost right. But who can't cook mushrooms?... anyway, "just a bad day" I said to myself.

So after hours of seemingly never ending conversations, a Diner's Club tradition. (We had good company. Too good that we forgot about how the dining experience was.) We decided it's time to call it a night. We asked for our bill, paid for it, and we were set to go. As the men readily stood up, the women got down to business. Upon "very" careful review of our tab, they found out that we paid for something that we did not order... and worse, it was something that was not available... 5 Cans of Four Seasons Juice. So being the seasoned diners that they are, they stayed on and demanded an explanation as well as a refund. Tired of all the bruhaha, I went out for some air followed a few minutes later by Benjie and Ron. We had our laughs as we said amongst ourselves that if it were just us, it would be done and over with the minute we got the bill, case closed! we talked about our experience... a not so pleasing one. The moment we paid our bill, the airconditioner was turned off. Soon after, all the crew went out. Leaving us inside their establishment! There was no "last order" call... nor was the guard courteous enough to at least "notice" us as we asked him a simple question. Deadma, we didn't exist. I think he was pissed off that we stayed for so long.

In the end we weren't able to get to anyone who can make decisions and resolve our issue. Roda will go back there one of these days to claim back the cash we paid for something that wasn't there. As nice as the place was, the service was simply horrid. We couldn't help but ask ourselves "why would they charge us for something that isn't available?". There must be something fishy but that is beyond us. As for me, I wouldn't reccommend the place to anyone. The place is nice, but the experience is simply horrendous.

my turn...just a quickie review
- by Addicted2

place - nice interiors except for the very big REAL "tuko" at the ceiling which i doubt the owner placed it there on purpose as decoration and that really freaked me out thinking that it might jump to one of us and be stuck to our skin. ladies room is fine, ubos na yung liquid soap pero yung container andun pa rin (pati yun di pinalampas noh..hehehe)

food - poor...nothing spectacular in the menu...restos having sausages in the menu never impress me...i can even dare their chef na sabay kme magluto sa kitchen nila to cook what's in their menu and i can prove that i can definitely do better than him (yabang noh pero totoo yun! papakita ko sa kanya kung pano magluto ng itlog ng tama..hehehe)

service - the staff are attentive at first...but still doesn't compensate to what had happened...very poor ohhh very very've read the story...need i say more? yep...parang they just waited for us to be served kse nga nagpareserve ng table so they we're expecting us already.tapos nagmamadali na silang umuwi...they even closed the lights at the dining area near the windows after we paid the bill

price - overpriced, not worth it

lastly...kahit bayaran ako di na ko babalik we know why.

oh well...

i can only're such a LOSER yaya...Whatever yaya!

to Bigfoot Oracle: no offense meant sa reviews ha you were there naman when it happened and we're very sure that you didn't know that's how it is there otherwise you would not suggest the place...if you need back up to talk to the owner text me or pm pnoize...hehehe... i need my money back!!!

Leonardo's according to KE-25

Teased people last night of wanting to get a head start on reviewing the place but after hearing all those lovely titles (for review) from fellow diners I just couldnt let works of art go. It felt like Da Vinci and then me hehe.

Couple of titles on Leonardo's and reviews from fellow Diners - proves the mood at last nights dinner hehe

No Season For Four Seasons at Leonardo's - mommy d' monyita

Leonardo's Never again - pnoize

Nightmare @ Leonardo's - Galadriel

The tale of 5 Four Seasons and Four Seasoned (female) Diners - Beor

All deserving of a Pulitzer

Boy !!! I was reading your reviews, seemed like no Take homes, you guys just nailed it, some for me? I'll have to say I agree. Wont take too much text space here since you pretty much covered it.

On to my little thoughts,

I got this from a dictionary this morning: What is the meaning of Day

"The period of light between dawn and nightfall; the interval from sunrise to sunset"

And I must say did it turn to Darkness fassst... What seemed a nice cozy place just turned to blur.

For Restaurants the most important thing is Service and the Food you serve. Ambiance can help but not if you dont have those 2 very important components. I dont care if your eating in a room made of gold, if you cant make your clients Happy with Service and Food, chances are they won't go back. Simple equation to remember. Bad Service and Food, no customers, if no customers, no pay, no pay = no profit no profit = no salary.

Dissapointed with Menu - ordinary , seemed like a fast food chain
Dissapointed with my food - after the benefit of doubt - it failed to even come up with a note
Dissapointed with Service - First time ive been in a restaurant where all the staff leaves customers with a grouchy guard. Why did we talk about Johnnie Blue again?

I leave you with this image: ( darn didnt bring my camera, used the phone )

Benj and gang ( i must say good work going over the reciept ) needle in haystack found
Mr. O wasnt happy at all

The grouchy guard, " Run for your lives people " .... but Beor seemed to be in bliss, enjoying the macro subjects

Rating: Unrated

Till next time , Good company saves the day for this one

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Cafe Laguna, Ayala Center Cebu

Review by - ckice168
I just had merienda at Cafe Laguna Ayala Mall Branch:

1. Fresh Lumpia (bamboo shoots)
2. Pandesal with Keso Puti
3. Fried Lumpia (bean sprouts)

The dishes were pretty good for a merianda, but the Kesong Puti is not worth it. Soo small for 2 cute pieces of bread with a slice of cheese 2mm thick... I would have thought for 85buck(I think or was it 80) the cheese would have been thicker. Well at least enought for me to bite into... The Fresh Lumpia is always a hit. "Secret's in the Sauce". Fried Lumpia was a bit of a let down. Too oily and it seemed a bit overcooked when I got my order.

This is not my first time eating there for merienda and I have to say, the ambiance is a lot better than the previouse location, underneath the escalator but really, food has deteriorated as of late.

Food = 3.5 of 5
Ambiance = 4.5 of 5 (doesn't get any better inside a shopping mall!)
Service = 4 of 5
Price = 3 of 5 (the pandesal was a let down)
Overall = 4 of 5

Would I be back: Yes!
Did I tip? Yes (27php) sukli!

Poolside Resto - Marco Polo Plaza

Review by - ckice168

here is another one for merienda I recently had at Marco Polo Plaza(Cebu City, Philippines).

If there is anyone from Marco Polo here, please heed!

Poolside Resto, with the brick oven for pizza.

Dishes had:

Pizza Marco

It was around 4pm. By that time you would expect that oven to be at least warmed up and hot. Anyway. The bruschetta came out first. It was a so-so dish. I noticed that the dough was not properly cooked. But being a bruschetta, it was still edible. Why? Because bruschetta is made with out a topping first and topping added later. So the dough was able to rise, a little and still made the impression of the dish edible. The pizza on the other hand was a sad story. Due to toppings and sauce, it was clear that the pizza was flat and all out horrid. Not to mention it was very bland. Knowing a thing or 2 about baking, I was pretty sure they cooked the pizza in a cold oven. The proper pizza should be cooked and done in less than 5minutes. That means it has to be hot to allow for the bubbles to form on the crust, which also gives its crunchyness.

I told the staff never to allow a customer to order a pizza if the oven wasn't pre-heated to the proper temperature. It just disgusted me to think that a 4star establishment could serve a pizza that way. I remember in Abaca, we ordered the pasta and the staff politely said that the fresh pasta was too thick and the Chef Hyatt refused to serve an imperfect pasta. That's quality control.


Food 1.5 of 5
Ambiance 4 of 5 (would have been a 5 but the pool area can get a bit noisy with kids...)
Service 5 of 5
Price 2 of 5 (it ain't cheap with the +++)
Overall 2.5 of 5 (service is still good and the ambiance still saves the day)

Would I come back: Yes (But never for pizza again!)
Tip, yes: 50php