Monday, July 10, 2006

Dining at The Forum

The Forum

The building, located on Archbishop Reyes St., houses China Trust Bank, Asian Spirit ticketing office, Body and Sole Spa, Ceilo Italian restaurant-bar, an Internet Café, Revoir beauty salon and Kenya Kaffe Lounge, among others.

The Forum, a 1,000-square meter commercial complex is owned and developed by Jo Realty Corp., the owner of Ultra Vistarama and Seven Arts theater.

What I love about this place is the Kenya Kaffe Lounge. The food is very healthy and well-balanced. The ambiance is very nice. Dining out nowadays has become about so much more than the meal but in the end it’s a relief to find a cafe/resturant that gets your food to you in 15 to 20 minutes at the most. Kenya Kaffe Lounge in The Forum is one of our favourite because of the great value for money, main courses range from around PhP150+ to PhP250+ and are served with your choice of soup (backyard greens or chicken soup). They also serve various cakes, bibingka, suman with hot chocolate, and coffee.

The Ngorongoro Chicken Breast comes highly reccomended and so as with the Apple Crabstick Salad…their peppermint iced tea concoction goes well with this meal.

Excellent food, great prices and lovely family atmostphere and friendly service - perfect. Maybe a little expensive but you are paying for the views as well as perfect food and service - excellent venue for a special occasion.


bAmBiE said...

halu jan,happy birthday! ! !
Gosh,mouth watering ba..naka remember ka sa ato project feasibility study?!Gourmet cakeshop. lami jud ka moluto da. regards to u and ur family.


hannah said...

i hope you do more cebu restaurant reviews kinda like Zagat. i find your blog interesting and informative. i will surely ask your opinion next time i'm in cebu. wish you all the best to you and your family and regards!