Saturday, July 15, 2006

Halo-Halo (Mix-Mix)

Professional Edition Halo Halo, originally uploaded by Hocchuan.

Halo-halo (from "halo" = mix) is a favorite Filipino dessert or snack. It is basically a mixture of sweet preserved beans(red beans, chick peas), coconut meat (macapuno), jackfruit (langka), pounded dried rice (pinipig), sweet yam (ube), cream flan (leche flan), shreds of sweetened plantain (saba), filled with crushed ice, milk (or coconut milk) and topped with ice cream. The halo-halo basically is sweet, creamy, and a filling dessert.

This Filipino concoction is quite popular during the hot summer months (March-June) in the country, just as ice cream is. It is usually served in tall, clear glasses that show its colorful contents that tempt one's taste buds. One's thirst is even made worse by the perspiring ice-filled glass, and the melting ice cream on top.

Halo-Halo Recipe
(Tropical Fruit Melange)
Category: Dessert
Difficulty: Easy

2 tablespoons kaong or...
2 tablespoons nangka (jackfruit)
2 tablespoons macapuno (a variety of coconut meat sold in bottles)
2 tablespoons sweetened kidney beans
2 tablespoons sweetened garbanzos
2 tablespoons sweetened plantains
2 tablespoons ube or yam
2 tablespoons custard or creme caramel (leche flan)
2 tablespoons sweetened corn kernels
crushed ice to fill glass
2/3 evaporated milk
a scoop of ice cream on top
(From Seasite)

Actually there is no exact recipe for halo-halo, the toppings varies according to one's own preference. there are so many possibilities with halo-halo. one can opt for no ice cream topping at all, for a real authentic Filipino halo-halo, like the one's that you can buy from the sidewalk stores. These types of halo-halo though are way much cheaper compared to the ones you can get from fancy places. It consists of gelatin, an assortment of fresh fruits, crushed ice and milk and tastes much better because it is not as commercialized as the ones from the malls.


Mother Dee said...

I really dont like halo-halo that much but when I saw this pic... WOW. Makes me wonder why I dont eat more of this dessert... then I remember the versions of this desert in the fastfood restaurants... and I am found grimacing. hahahaha.

Oh but if you serve me this Ma'am G... aw... HUROT! hehehehehe.

Food Hobbyist said...

Thanks Mother Dee for visiting my Blog. Usually the ones served at restaurants lack one important ingredient - Love...hehehe...try making this at home and add your personal touch.