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How do you want your Eggs?

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This is a compilation of different ways on how to cook Eggs, tried and tested ways by different people. Try it all and find one that suits you best =D

Version 1 - Perfect Boiled Eggs every time
: Set the burner to med-high. Boil some water in the pot-- enough to cover the eggs. Place the eggs in the boiling water. By adding the eggs after the water boils, the shell won't stick to the egg, it will be easier to peel the eggs.
heat the water before you put the egg. You add the eggs after it boils. It will be much easier to peel the eggs. Use a spaghetti server or a slotted spoon, then gently place eggs one by one in the boiling water. It works. I was skeptical at first, so I experimented with a few eggs. I took one out after 5 minutes, then 10 .... and so on until I decided I like the egg after 12 minutes. If you like your egg really malasado -- boil it for 5 minutes. I you are using the eggs for garnishing, boil the eggs for 13 minutes, then let it cool before cutting it with the egg cutter.
For really soft boiled egg: boil the eggs for 5 minutes
For hard boiled egg: boil the eggs for 12 minutes

Version 2
how to cook boiled eggs in a stainless steel set: wash the eggs very well. gently but thoroughly. place eggs in the cold 3-quart sauce pan. add TWO TABLESPOONS of water. cover. let boil with LOW HEAT. let it boil for 8-10 minutes. NEVER open the lid while cooking.

after cooking time... turn off the heat then let it sit for a minute or two. take out eggs... place in cold water to stop cooking process (and avoid the nasty-looking green rings around the yolk). peel and eat! hehehe. sometimes u do not need salt anymore because the natural salt content of the egg was not drawn out.

so that peeling will be easier, gently roll the egg till the whole shell gets cracked. then peel.

Version 3 - hard boiled eggs:
i put eggs in a saucepan, fill it with water until eggs are covered and add 1 TBSP vinegar (this helps cracked eggs to coagulate faster and prevent eggs from bursting). I bring the water to a boil. From the moment the water boils, i time 10 mins and its cooked! Yolks are soft but firm and bright yellow-gold. My trick to peeling the eggs is to peel them while they are still hot. So from the pan, i shock them in water and peel them. When the egg gets too hot to handle, i dip it again in the water.

Version 4 - another technique when boiling eggs and peel it easily in probably 2 to 3 seconds is possible . After boiling it ( dont matter if prior to water boiling or the water has boiled upon placing the eggs ) , have your boiled eggs runned with cold water , faucet water is fine for about 3 minutes .
used this kind of method if the EGGS are intended for use in SALADS and APPETIZERS which is should have a warm temperature.

this is as what they say different strokes for different folks XD

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