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Alibyo - A Spa Review

Located at the 2nd level I2, Asiatown IT Park
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To love life one must enjoy life. So, here is my first post about enjoying life =)Pampering oneself is one way of enjoying life and at the same time giving your body a time to relax and unwind and for an hour or two be free from all of the cares and worries. =)

To quote what I have read from the paper, their piece about the place =)

The Visayan term alibyo, which means relief or alleviate, will take on a bigger meaning in a few days. A new boutique spa will open on Sunday, Nov. 18, at the second floor of the i2 building at the Asiatown IT Park. And you guessed it right—it’s called Alibyo.

Proprietor Johnie Lim and his wife Flor (they own the franchise of Body and Sole) say that the spa specializes in traditional Filipino hilot, which is currently being promoted by the Dept. of Tourism itself. Why not? If Thailand has its Thai massage, why can’t the Philippines have its hilot as a kind of massage?

So what differentiates Alibyo from the other massage spas in the metropolis, including Body and Sole? It is very Filipino. Better still, check it out.
- from Sun.Star -

My Review

Hubby and I went to Holiday for some foot massage last December 12, 2007, because we also wanted to avail of their buy 1 take 1 promo. alas, they already had their last call. So we racked our brains for some ideas and we thought of ALIBYO. this is a newly opened spa located at I2. I think this opened just last November. Off we went to try their services.
We availed of their 2 hour massage. Upon entering the Spa the front desk was all smiles already, Gives a very good first impression. He was also very knowledgeable about the services they offer. He also gave some suggestions on what is good. The spa is also quite different from the other spas, it is well lighted with very old and rustic setting(like you are being transported to the old era). The seats are made out of wood, the table is inlaid with raffia mat. the attendants wear Spanish era type of clothes(filipiniana). air-conditioning is just the right temp, not too hot and not to cold. The attendants are also very accommodating, they are all smiles. I did not see any of them loitering the reception area. When we came out after the massage and they saw us, they immediately vacated the reception area.

Before the massage the First thing they do is they wash your feet with ground coffee and water. Upon entering the common room for the massage area, You can smell the incense burning. On a side note, I like the comfort room, it is clean and nice with a little touch of zen. We were ushered to the couple's room, unlike the other couple's room that we've been to, this room has no divisions. It is a room with two beds and its own air-conditioning unit. The bed is quite firm and when i placed my head inside the hole of the bed, my nostrils were greeted with the scent of potpourri. a very wonderful smell, light and relaxing not intoxicating. Their kind of massage is quite different from what we have been used to. Good massage for the night which gave me a good night's sleep afterwards. (*thumbs-up*) =)

After the massage, we were treated to a glass of drink of our choice and some home-baked cookies (the extra service they give when you avail of their services). I had the Alibyo signature drink, which is iced tea with a hint of pandan leaves. My Hubby got the Salabat with honey, hot ginger drink with a hint of kalamansi and honey, Wonderful concoctions they have. We also availed of their 50% off coupon for the next visit. Well, the front desk gave us a choice: 20% discount for the services we have availed for the night or 50% discount on the next visit and we chose the latter. =) (this is their Christmas special promo, valid until the 31st of the month only).

over all rating 4/5. hubby found his therapist quite slow with his massage but the pressure was consistent though. He had a comparison with the therapist that massaged me. =)

for the 2 hour massage - P600 per person. just reasonable for a 2 hour pampering. =) They do have other packages that you can choose from.

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