Sunday, February 10, 2008

Don Merto's

(the inside - where we had dinner, our table was the one near the aircon. the sliding glass doors where closed making the space more confined)

Don Merto's
Casa Escaño
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I called for a reservation and the one who answered was very accommodating and very polite. The place looked very homey. Courteous staff and very attentive. They had eat all you can on steak for that night (thursday) for P600+. If you want it ala carte the Jimmy's Steak is P800. We did not get the steak. We ordered the Herbed chicked and the canalones instead. The canalones is a dish wherein pieces of chicken are wrapped in pasta or some sort of big noodle and smothered with cheese. The herbed chicken had some peppercorns and a taste of sweetness. The garlic rice that we paired with it was also yummy. We were not able to savor the dessert that the place had the offer, the kitchen closed quite early (IMHO around 10pm) We left the place at around 11pm. the place was not crowded, but it was quite noisy though. due to the small space (we stayed inside) the other table had a very hearty conversation so the result is that the whole place seemed to reverberate.

food - 4 - we were not able to have our dessert.
place - 3.5 - if a lot of people are inside and are having a hearty conversation, you will find it hard to hear each other talking.
service - 5 - very courteous staff
price - 4 - for what we around price range per person is around P300. if you get the eat all you can steak price range will be around P700+.
overall - 4/5 - we plan to come back and stay on the terrace side instead of inside. we will be trying the steak and the dessert.


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sweet said...

I've heard lots of good reviews about this resto. I'll surely try out this one. thanks for the info...