Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spice Fusion

Spice Fusion
SM City Cebu
North Wing

This photo is the Spice Fusion BTC Branch, Banilad, Cebu City
Photo from - jamiesamui

My hubby and I ate there with my sister-in-law and her hubby, a late lunch last Friday, April 4, 2008. at first it was ok because we were the only ones served. Our orders arrived promptly (the roti, their version of pochero, and the noodle dish) but when the diners kept on coming the service started to change drastically (requests for extra bowls, utensils and plates had to be repeated - to different servers). Late lunch usually takes us about an hour tops(including the check-out, paying, etc,). But for that late lunch, my golly! it took us two hours! Due to the confusion of the dessert and the inefficiency of the server or the miscommunication between the server and the kitchen. I ordered a coconut pudding, my hubby ordered the almond pudding, my sis-in-law and her hubby ordered the crispy pata sort of dish (pork dish). The server came back and said that both puddings are not available. We changed our orders to mango roll and their version of halo-halo. After a couple of minutes the server came back again and said that our first order of dessert was available, then we said okey We will stick with our first order. Then minutes passed, again he came back and said that the coconut pudding was not available so I said I'm okey with the mango roll. When the orders arrived, the coconut pudding was served and the server said it was the almond pudding. we said no, he insisted, we also insisted and asked for the menu and showed him the picture. Thus our point was proven correct that what he served us was actually the coconut pudding (are they not familiar with what they are serving?). so I said, okey! I will take this pudding and cancel the mango roll. They'd rather cancel my pudding that was already on the table than cancel the mango roll that was still being prepared in the kitchen. Quite confusing isn't it?! Then the pork dish still wasn't served and my sis-in-law had to go to the counter to follow it up. Then, the correct almond pudding arrived. After a couple more minutes the pork dish arrived. It took us around 30 or so minutes just to wait for our dessert and the pork dish to be served. To top it all off, when the bill arrived, we were billed more than we ordered, we ordered for an ice tea and had it canceled and changed with coke. The bill has the coke and the ice tea, no cancellation occurred. We had to point it out to the cashier for our bill to be adjusted and for us to be refunded.

It was one stressful afternoon for us. I also missed my doctor's appointment just because of that lousy mistake.

We were still good to them amidst what has happened. The refund that they gave to us, we gave it back to them as a tip. Hoping that the said gesture will ingrain in their minds to give proper service that is due to dining patrons and touch their conscience that the dining patrons are giving them what is due to them (tips).

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fedge said...

I love Spice Fusion. For me it's one of the best restaurants here in Cebu.

Can't wait to visit it again and make a Food Review of it