Saturday, August 09, 2008

Cafe Laguna, Ayala Center Cebu

Review by - ckice168
I just had merienda at Cafe Laguna Ayala Mall Branch:

1. Fresh Lumpia (bamboo shoots)
2. Pandesal with Keso Puti
3. Fried Lumpia (bean sprouts)

The dishes were pretty good for a merianda, but the Kesong Puti is not worth it. Soo small for 2 cute pieces of bread with a slice of cheese 2mm thick... I would have thought for 85buck(I think or was it 80) the cheese would have been thicker. Well at least enought for me to bite into... The Fresh Lumpia is always a hit. "Secret's in the Sauce". Fried Lumpia was a bit of a let down. Too oily and it seemed a bit overcooked when I got my order.

This is not my first time eating there for merienda and I have to say, the ambiance is a lot better than the previouse location, underneath the escalator but really, food has deteriorated as of late.

Food = 3.5 of 5
Ambiance = 4.5 of 5 (doesn't get any better inside a shopping mall!)
Service = 4 of 5
Price = 3 of 5 (the pandesal was a let down)
Overall = 4 of 5

Would I be back: Yes!
Did I tip? Yes (27php) sukli!

Poolside Resto - Marco Polo Plaza

Review by - ckice168

here is another one for merienda I recently had at Marco Polo Plaza(Cebu City, Philippines).

If there is anyone from Marco Polo here, please heed!

Poolside Resto, with the brick oven for pizza.

Dishes had:

Pizza Marco

It was around 4pm. By that time you would expect that oven to be at least warmed up and hot. Anyway. The bruschetta came out first. It was a so-so dish. I noticed that the dough was not properly cooked. But being a bruschetta, it was still edible. Why? Because bruschetta is made with out a topping first and topping added later. So the dough was able to rise, a little and still made the impression of the dish edible. The pizza on the other hand was a sad story. Due to toppings and sauce, it was clear that the pizza was flat and all out horrid. Not to mention it was very bland. Knowing a thing or 2 about baking, I was pretty sure they cooked the pizza in a cold oven. The proper pizza should be cooked and done in less than 5minutes. That means it has to be hot to allow for the bubbles to form on the crust, which also gives its crunchyness.

I told the staff never to allow a customer to order a pizza if the oven wasn't pre-heated to the proper temperature. It just disgusted me to think that a 4star establishment could serve a pizza that way. I remember in Abaca, we ordered the pasta and the staff politely said that the fresh pasta was too thick and the Chef Hyatt refused to serve an imperfect pasta. That's quality control.


Food 1.5 of 5
Ambiance 4 of 5 (would have been a 5 but the pool area can get a bit noisy with kids...)
Service 5 of 5
Price 2 of 5 (it ain't cheap with the +++)
Overall 2.5 of 5 (service is still good and the ambiance still saves the day)

Would I come back: Yes (But never for pizza again!)
Tip, yes: 50php