Saturday, August 09, 2008

Cafe Laguna, Ayala Center Cebu

Review by - ckice168
I just had merienda at Cafe Laguna Ayala Mall Branch:

1. Fresh Lumpia (bamboo shoots)
2. Pandesal with Keso Puti
3. Fried Lumpia (bean sprouts)

The dishes were pretty good for a merianda, but the Kesong Puti is not worth it. Soo small for 2 cute pieces of bread with a slice of cheese 2mm thick... I would have thought for 85buck(I think or was it 80) the cheese would have been thicker. Well at least enought for me to bite into... The Fresh Lumpia is always a hit. "Secret's in the Sauce". Fried Lumpia was a bit of a let down. Too oily and it seemed a bit overcooked when I got my order.

This is not my first time eating there for merienda and I have to say, the ambiance is a lot better than the previouse location, underneath the escalator but really, food has deteriorated as of late.

Food = 3.5 of 5
Ambiance = 4.5 of 5 (doesn't get any better inside a shopping mall!)
Service = 4 of 5
Price = 3 of 5 (the pandesal was a let down)
Overall = 4 of 5

Would I be back: Yes!
Did I tip? Yes (27php) sukli!

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